The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry Luanch Party

September 17th, 2013

Story Arch – The Awakening

June 4th, 2013

Beginning: A police investigation with connections to some sort of secret service, into the disappearances and murders of young women in thier 20’s by what appears to be a cult

Middle: A race to find the girls and an uncovering of mysteries that span the centries if not millenia – what is the Godex? Races and chases and treasure hunts

End: A battle between the cops and two factions of The Masters, the full birthing of an AI symbiont creature

Story Arch – The Godex

May 21st, 2013

The Awakening – Introduction of the factions and the creation of an AI creature

The Prophesy – Underground war, the existence of more than one AI creature and a prophesy of impending doom.

The Symbiont God – A network of sentient AI creatures becomes a network convinced that they are God and know what’s best for mankind.

Flash Fiction Frenzy and Picture Book Madness

May 7th, 2013

Ok so I know everybody is waiting for more Godex and there is a lot more to come 🙂 It is all sitting there ready in it’s raw form for you all. But this month sees the second ever Flash Fiction day and as today marks the end of an insane week of me writing children’s manuscripts I thought I would write 30 pieces of Flash Fiction for this month. They are not all going to be horror or gothic and they aren’t even going to be based on what I am doing with the Punk World building but some of them will be so I thought I would mention it.

Also I will be continuing on with sorting out more of my children’s books and bringing them to completion. To follow these challenges go to Orange Monster for Kid Lit and my illustrations/book art and Megenta Monster for my Flash and Micro Fiction.

Script Fail – AGAIN >:(

April 30th, 2013

Yes well – I have 74 pages – the main issue is that I never really start the scripting part – when I say I have 74 pages I have 74 pages of story board – I have a confession. I find the idea of doing a story board and then a script to then draw a neat story board from as the actual comic…. a bit of a waste of time.

I do really suck at script frenzy though :/ I never complete it – always get caught up in the story boards. But on the other hand I have a project that is clearly on the move to completion of at least phase one 🙂

The Punks world is that little bit more concret and I have a firmer back story for The Godex!

Oracle – Time Line

April 16th, 2013

Ten Chapters around ten pages each.

Chapter One: Leaving of Summer

Chapter Two: Meeting of the Geneticists

Chapter Three: Many Dangers of a journey

Chapter Four: Volcanic Disappointment

Chapter Five: A New Idea – Wet Ware

Chapter Six: Human Interface

Chapter Seven: Prediction

Chapter Eight: Discord in the group

Chapter Nine: Destruction of the Oracle AI

Chapter Ten: Who ends up with which AI baby

Some of these are chapter titles and others the description of the main event but each 10 page ‘chapter’ will also be a mini comic in it’s own right that can be viewed as a stand along story.

Scripting Like a Deamon

April 9th, 2013

I’ve managed about 10 pages so far but have sorted out the story arch at least.

Beginning; At a well outside of the crumbling remnants of Summer The Archetect and Jesu lament the fact that they have lost a friend. It is about 2000 BC, they begin a journey to some volcanic lands in the North they have heard off in the hope of rebuiding thier optronics computing using volcanic glass. They meet some genetisists they knew in another existance. They are in dispair as they have been trying to set up placenta trees for cloning more of thier race but resources are dwindling and knowledge is disappearing and on top of that natural disastors and terrorist actions keep wiping out their attempts. They hit upon a solution of atempting to build an AI computer to work out the probabilities etc.. of things happening. They combine their efforts and head out towards the volcanic islands.

Middle: They reach the sores of Greece and realise that rebuilding the optronics computing of the past is going to be quiet impossible for many centuries and they need something now. They hit upon the idea of building a bio-computer using DNA to brute force calculations. They build wetware – a flesh bucket full of electrolyte and enzymes and macromolecules. It has to be kept clean of microbes and trained slowely other wise it will go mad. Also a sentient genetically compatable interface has to be found to interact and relay what the Artifical Intelligent flesh bucket of goo is thinking – what it has calculated. So humans become involved.

End: A terrorist group inflitrate the centre but the computer predicts that this is going to happen and has been playing games as it knows it is going to be destroyed. There is descent amoungst the genetisists and The Archetect. There are multiple factions. The AI makes little buds which are copies of itself which it passes on to different people telling each it is the only one, it has picked up the concept of divinity from the minds of the slaves it has been linked too. Seven copies are made – one The Archetect takes, one Jesu takes, one the human slaves take, and the rest are for the geneticists except one is killed. It AI is killed but the terrorist group end up with the remaining ‘offspring’.

Or something like that anyway.

Scripting Oracle

April 2nd, 2013

I’ve decided to go for a graphic novel – the main reason being I can make a graphic novel competely by myself were as a film script would have to sit around until either I die and it evaporates in the ethemeralness of all things human, or I convince someone to make it.

Right so this is the second day and what have I achieved so far?

Well I have the title Ocracle and I have some of the basic story from the novel writing. My main character initially is The Archetect and after the fall of the Tower of Babble which was a super computer/back up for the Aquatic Apes civilization which was run by the computer. The Super Computers were probably AI’s and the Archetect was basically the sysadmin. After the Aquatic cities were destroyed by a war of the Nazi Type persuassion the survivors attempted to rebuild at the back up site – Babble – they genetically engineered humans from themselves and the stock of the other homonid inteligent species they had vanquished long ago and kept as slaves.

The Archetect worked with the super computers to build models and simulations to predict events as well as keeping the uploads of the mind implants all citizens and many slaves had. A terrorist faction left over from the war destroys the city and he escapes with two of his experiments Punku and Jesu who are a mix of Aquatic Ape and Human slave but have both had life extention technologies tried on them. The Archetect too has had this done for though the Aquatic Apes/Greys have longer life spans than those of the slaves they are not that long! (about 700 – 1000 years).

During their travels the Archetect attempts to rebuild and or hide bits of the super computer in artifacts around the world. The remnants of the Aquatic Apes both civilian and terrorist build knew civilizations using the human slaves, but as they can no longer breed the cities are populated by the humans. These are the ancient civilizations.

The Archetect gets seperated from the Punk but meets up with some of the genetists he’d worked with. He comes upon the idea of not building a computer using the Optronics (glass and light instead of metal and electrons) with which he is familiar but rather basing it on wetware. A bio computer using DNA to brute force calculations.

However I am still not certain where to start :/

A Horror Script Frenzy 2013

March 24th, 2013

Script Frenzy of Screnzy as it is affectionaly known is a script writing challenge. The idea being that in the month of April you write a 100 paged script – this can be anything from a radio play to a movie to a graphic novel. With my Punk novels I found it very helpful to do a graphic novel script for the beginning of the Punk’s life of adventure at the fall of the Tower of Bable – having started the novels off in the middle of the Eleizabethan and near future. For more on her character and why she is at extreme ends of history you will have to read the copious notes on Purple Monster.

I then did a little TV series script at another part of her life in ancient Egypt – think Star Gate, Babalon 5, Farscape, Dr Who, Hero and a whole host of others.

These exercises were very good at helping me to build the back story so I had a more concrete foundation on which to build the novels. The information gleaned from the world building doesn’t nesicarilly appear in the novels but it does help the novels take shape. I plan to do the same here. Obviously I have the advantage that this story is based in a world I have already built but it is an incomplete world and so I prupose to use script frenzy once again as a means of helping me further this story.

I have decided to start at the beginning of the bio-computers existance.

I have not quiet decided what I am going to be doing script wise – I sort of want to do a graphic novel/comic again but feel that perhapse I should have a go at a script of something I have not written before. Hopefully I will have made up my mind before the first on April!

WoPoWriMo Triumph

February 24th, 2013

I am finishing the month with about 40 poems, they will now lurk around until I forgot about them – then once that is done I can start editing them – once I remember they exist 🙂

I have also started to collate the ones already written and there appear to be quiet alot of them :/ The list I wrote is still going to be useful not least for my flash fiction and story starters. And those words that did not get a poem to this time I have listed and intend to try again maybe by brain storming from each of them.

I am umming and ahhing about the title of the collection and indeed how many poems and images it should contain to be honest. Title ideas currently are:

1. Crystal Shards
2. Gothic Muse
3. Worms of Thought