Brain Storming and Poetry

February 10th, 2013

I thought I’d brain storm and collect some ideas before I started trying to writing poems – I went for 100 words that I think of as being connected to horror, or the unnerving or the darker side of nature. I then expanded each word for a couple of minutes. Some of them instantly sprouted poems – others were pulling at me to become short stories. If I got into a flow I did not brake it but went with it. I have not yet worked my way right through the list!

Here is the List:

1. Dark
2. Storm
3. Castle
4. Fairy/Fay
5. Monster
6. Flayed
7. Trapped
8. Underworld
9. Spiders
10. Ghosts
11. Succubus
12. Vampire
13. Zombie
14. Alien
15. Strange
16. Lonelyness
17. Mad Scientist
18. Evil Coorporations
19. Medical
20. Medieaval
21. The Unknown
22. Psyco
23. Cult
24. Caves
25. Limitations
26. Deamon
27. Voodoo
28. Witch
29. Devil
30. Potions
31. Loss
32. Forbidden love
33. Warewolves
34. Ancient Gods
35. Wizards
36. Sacrifice
37. Knife
38. Axe
39. hangings
40. Pirates
41. Deserted Cities
42. Abandoned space ships
43. Lost souls
44. Bats
45. Rats
46. Snakes
47. Mummys
48. corpses
49. Grave yards
50. Churches
51. Frogs
52. Newts
53, Cauldrons
54. Wizard
55. Sourcer
56. Summoning
57. Apocolypse
58. Hell
59. Doom
60. Prophercy
61. Artifacts
62. Elementals
63. Pagan
64. Sacrament
65. Guardians
66. Cats
67. Ancient Egypt
68. War
69. Ocean Trech
70. Volcano
71. Depth of Space
72. Other Worlds
73. Other Dimensions
74. Eternal Night
75. Suffering
76. Blood
77. Gore
78. Abuse of Trust
79. Kidnap
80. Ritual
81. Secrets
82. Magic
83. Secret Societies
84. Conspiracies
85. Murder
86. Lightening
87. Revoltion
88. Mutation
89. Skeleton
90. Elixar
91. Sooth Saying
92. Horror
93. Crystal Balls
94. Possession
95. Charm
96. Bewitchment
97. Incantation
98. Incarnation
99. Reserection
100. Discord

WoPoWriMo 2013

January 27th, 2013

Ok so having thought about it I have decided to do a Gothic/Dark Poetry Collection and to use the month of Febuary which is World Poetry Writing Month as the writing challenge to kick it all off. I’m not exactly going for the poem a day thing, I will produce a first draft of 30 poems in Feb (and yes I know it doesn’t have 30 days!) but I want to spent at least 30 hours working on this and I tend to get into writing moods and could easily produce all 30 in one sitting and then not be able to write again for weeks. So I will use the time to find my other poems and to brain storm a title and maybe work on some dark imagery for the cover.

I tend to cover Poetry stuff over on Turquoise Monster but may well post some on here 🙂

New Year Writing To-Dos

January 6th, 2013

From the Horror/Gothic point of view my writing to-dos are quiet simple for this year. First off I need to get the physical book of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry ready and I already have the launch party planned for the Weekend between Halloween and Bonfire Night. The book seems to be a great hit with kids and with the Little Books I donate £1 of profit from each sale to various charities.

From the children’s book point of view though that is not all. I have a series of stories about a daft witch called Hetty Peglar which I want to edit and illustrate – plus more Hetty ideas to write up which I shall be doing as part of Picture Book Writing Week in May – I plan to extent the challenge to working on the books for the whole month. I’m not sure how far I will get with that so may still be working on it in October and November.

Novel wise obviously I want to work on editing Godex and maybe mapping out a sequel – there are other horrifying tale from the Universe of the Punk but I may well do one of my other ideas for GothNoWriMo this year – it is too early to tell.

But I also have a two other stories/novels which need sorting in the vien of dark litrature and a gaggle of 30-60,000 word horror stories I really should sort and get out there as it were. Then there are the Flash Fiction pieces which should be collected together which hopefully I will somehow get time to sort.

Though I do have a lot of poetry I don’t think I quiet have enough dark stuff for a collection specifically based on that to be honest but then I do have two poetry writing challenges I do each year as well WoPoWriMo in Febuary and NaPoWriMo in April. So maybe I’ll dedicate one of them to the task.

I think that is everything – so I’d best get one and start that editing.

Happy Christmas :)

December 23rd, 2012

I am happily burried under family and friends and catching little pockets of time to write in which is great – as a writer I have been busy but not with the Horror stuff really unless you count reading.

I just thought I would wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope your enjoying the updates 🙂

This year has been good writing wise and I hope next year will be even more productive 🙂

X-Files, James Bond and the Laundary

December 14th, 2012

As I think I mentioned before I was planning an X-Files type paranormal investigators come secret agent type series with my dad, it was supposed to be more realistic though with the concept that instead of say MIF and GCHQ (Government Communication Head Quarters) and all the other places people have heard about it would be a secret secret agency that no one had hear of. Probably based in the bowls of the disused tunnels in London of which there really are many.

We thought that it would have some slummy type business over the top, some factory or hard ware shop, just something that fitted in and was ignored by the local area. When I told my husband of this plan he handed me The Artrociety Archive by Charles Stross. I was hooked, it was like reading a story written by soemone with all my knowlege (Archeology, Geology, Astronomy – science and the older side of History), Everything my Dad knows (World War II trivia and war in general – so basically military history), Everything my husband knows, (Computer programming, cryptography, codes and computer hard ware) plus everything his Dad knows (which is the occult, maths and philosophy). I absorbed the book and loved it.


A deep sinking dispair set in, what I had wanted to achieve was sitting there in print before me, written better and with more power than I could ever imagine myself or my father producing. Having just read the other books in the Luandary series I begain to get the urg to render my detective real in the world of fiction once more. As GothNoWriMo closed on me I mentioned this to my husband and said it was in some ways a shame that the Laundary books existed as I felt I could not therefore write mine as it would be seen as a cheap copy and nothing more.

He looked at me and said ‘Sarah don’t worry about that, you’ll start writing it and it will be in your style with your own twist and lets face it you never manage to write horror or fantasy anyway it always ends up as Scifi – you’ll be fine’ He then went on to point out that I’d had the same issue with my writing as a teenager and this was how I discovered one of my all time favourite authors Terry Pratchette – there is only so many times you can take being accussed of plagerising an author you’ve never read or having them suggested by teachers as it is your ‘genre’.

And you know I think he is right, none the less I am not creating in a vacuum things do influence me – every book, image and film but I aim to embrass this and create the new with it. It may not even be new as such, it may just end up as Da Vinci Code Cheese but at the end of the day it will be my Da Vinci Code cheese and that is what matters 🙂

Godex – The Series

December 7th, 2012

Whilst writing The Godex in October it become apparent to me that it is actually a series in it’s own right. It brakes down into 3 stories which I am calling Book 1, 2 and 3.

Book One: The Awakening

Book Two: The Prophecy

Book Three: The Symbiont God

If I can get each story up to just about 80, 000 they can be thin novels in their own right. At the moment they are a little bit too short! They follow an interesting story arc but still do not capture the whole of the back story as it were!

NaNo Fail

November 30th, 2012

Yep I failed to make my word count of 90, 000 but I did make it over the 75 K mark which I consider to be fantastic and then some!

I also basically now have 2/3rds of a novel that needs re-writing and editing into shape (plus some research and the sorting out of who is actually called what and slight issues over hair changing colour etc). I would love to say I will do this in December and that I will take part in Novel Finishing Month NoFiMo but I always find Christmassy stuff gets in the way to be honest and this year there are two weddings to attend and many other things too!

My plan is more that I will slowly write the end of the story, finishs off the first on from GothNoWriMo too and then to start the third one. I will not be putting anymore unedited extracts out on here as the story has gotten away from me I feel I need to change too much stuff for it to be fair on readers plus the spelling is worse than usual due to sprint writing!

I will put all the notes up however as I’ve already started doing 🙂 I may even get around to doing some cover art and what have you but we will just have to wait and see how it goes 🙂

Godex – Chapter 22

November 29th, 2012

Emma, felt a bit stupid over her over reaction but then it was part of her training to think like that. Her eyes were starting to feel gritty with tiredness again, she still hadn’t gone through the ‘kitk that the Arcetect had put into her bag. The Super was looking super stressed and he glared at her, it was half hearted. The office was in pandamonium, ‘Gang shoot out on the streets of London – that’s what the headline will read you realise followed by Met unable to to do anything or met ineffectual or worse depending on the paper – now what is going on?’

‘I wish I knew,’ she hissed, ‘I relised I was being staked out sent my code-6 and then all hell broke loss. I don’t even know if I was the target or if I really did stumble into a gang turf war. There’s a corpse with a gun – shot by his own side or that of another gang – thankfully not by us. I’ve taken control of said corpse already before you ask. Now did anything turn up from my busted office?’

She realised she was snarling.

‘They wore gloves, there is hair but it is likily to be yours or Petes or the cleaners or anyone else in the station.’ he shrugged she wanted to hit him.

‘I want a complete sweep,’ she said leaving him no room for argument.

he nodded, ‘were did you send the corpse?’ he asked, she almost answered him correctly.

‘To the corina,’ she said with barely a pause, he nodded again. She had to sit through a proper debreief of events and then sipped luke warm tea in the refectory. She needed some proper sleep. But she also needed to visit the labs and sort out the stupidness over them releasing the results. She was ham stringed though, she couldn’t really risk walking about by herself, she would get herself killed, if she was a normal cop the super would have taken her off of the case and sent her on a holiday but she wasn’t a normal case and there was no one to cover her. She stared vacantly at the cracks in the cheap plastic surface of the table, they crazed in a way that almost made shapes to her, scenes, she sighed and then jumped splilling the tea when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

‘Shit!’ she swore but was releived it wasn’t an assassin only Pete with his sad drooping eyes and the tea fortunatly had not been much more than cold in the first place. It was horrible anyway she only drank becuase the coffee there was worse.

‘Sorry’ he said, ‘I heard someone tried to shot you?’

She nodded wearily and then waited, the man seemed to be waiting to say somethng more but was struggling to express himself. ‘Are you dropping the case?’ he asked quietly.

She shook her head he paled making his skin seem blotchy, ‘I… I think you should.’ he said Emma sat up straight and flicked her plait over her shoulder and glared at him. ‘they are going to kill you you know that don’t you? Look at the resources they must have Emma!’

‘I do not leave things unfinished,’ she said grinding her teeth he took a step back from her, ‘I have to solve this, more is at stake than even I can imagine Pete and even if it wasn’t some of those girls are lickily to still be alive they seem to be hoarding them and then killing at future dates. I can’t just abandone them and unlike most of you there isn’t anyone to replace me.’ She flopped back to hard in the chair jarrng her back slightly.

‘Surely you’re not thinking of going out there on your own again?’ he was timid and she felt bad but not for him, she didn’t really know what to do next. She wanted to sleep and then go to the gym and practice the things she would likely need though the gun had been named the leveller as it didn’t matter how fast you were did it?

‘I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do Pete but rest asure it will be something. Do you have an office?’ she asked suddenly thinking she needed somewehre to go through the stuff the Arcetet had given her. She really needed to let HQ know what had happened anyway and she also no longer had an office space of her own to use. The Super had not volunteered anything and the mood the man was in ment that he would no doubt make the process of her aquaring a new one – as slow as possible.

‘Yes I do but… I share it with two others.’ he looked embarrassed and she wondered why but only vaguely. She could do with a hit of something to keep her going and quelled the thought as that was how you eneded up with a drug habit that would sink you down into the depth of the underworld from which you would not return or if yu did you would not be whole, no never whole again, she had seen it too many times. She’d been a cop for ten years now, and always this special oprative never just a PC plod, never got to see the simple grimes, oh she did the normal training but whist she was already working on cases that would turn the hardest stomach and tackle the sharpest mind. She was good at puzzels especially ones with missing pieces after all that’s what paleaontology and archeaology were She shrugged a room where she only had two people to worry about was better than the hundreds milling about in the vacinity of the general station.

‘It will have to do’ she said standing up. ‘Take me too it please?’ He nodded and they headed out of the room. The soles of her boots squeeked irritatingly on the lino floor. Her rain mac was stained from the door grease of the car as she’d dived into it. It would have to stay that way.

Godex – Chapter 20

November 27th, 2012

Emma was in the police car before thoughts could process what was going on, some one was frantically radioing and there was chaos around her. It was then she realised someone was down in the street, ‘shit’ she muttered and went to get out.

‘Don’t!’ came the urgent call from the police man on the radio, ‘I don’t think they saw you get in the car, lay low. Sam! Sam blast.’ he said Emma realised his co worker was edging foward to try and help the fallen. A squad of unmarked cars with sirens blazing appeared as if by magic Emma was impressed. A hurried conversation was had and the area locked down, a call to the gun men but they had long vanished thinking they were just unlucky to have hit a cop hot spot. She wondered if it was a specific hit or a fluke. She couldn’t see it being the latter.

The SWAT team were armed, they must have been waiting for something to kick off. A woman with blonde hair severlly tied back under her dark blue hat was crouched near the door motioning Emma over, she wriggled like a worm, she didn’t want to get shot. ‘We had a tip off and were already on route – what happened? Were you the target’

‘I think so and I don’t know, I sent my SOS-6 message when I realised I was being staked out but I’m not even sure if it was them who shot or what they were staking out for.’ the woman nodded.

‘Who tipped you off?’ she asked intreged. The woman shrugged and seemed to look into the middle distance.

‘Boss we’ve got a stuff!’ came the call, Emma closed her eyes thinking of the person laying on the ground.

‘Not the causulty, they have powder on their hands. Looks like they were taken out by a co-gang member.’ The blonde looked over at a cop Emma couldn’t see. She was relieved it wasn’t some innocent shopper or kid from the uni round the corner which was who the cuasulty was likely to be.

‘Gang member?’ she asked before her brain got around to reminding her that it was not technically her case.

‘Yeah there is a gang sign, a tatoo on the guys hand.’ the out of site cop said.

‘I need that body bagged and taken straight to Dr Ettian’ she said, the blonde gave her a withering look, Emma was about to produce her special warrent, the ones that told cops she was special branch when the cop shrugged and gave the order.

‘Do you recognise the gang sign?’ she asked in the lull.

‘It’s a sort of crestent moon on three legs – a tripod of some sort, seen it a couple of times but never cuaght a live one.’ Emma knew that sign but it was so tentative her mind was struggling to see the memory, if she forced it she would loose it. Something she had seen some where.

Things began to be tedious with peopel shouting about not being let through the cordaned off area and others trying to gawk and still others in shock and berwilderment milling around inside. Emma was concerned, this could destroy her investigation, is she was being targetted she had little chance of finding anything useful out or even being left alive.

‘Dectective?’ came a rich voice, she jingerly looked around the door rubber of the car, a man in a suit was standing there, he held out his warrent card, she vaguely recognised him from the station. She nodded, ‘I’ve been sent to escort you back to the station.’

The blonde looked at him sharply, ‘under who’s authority? I’m in charge here.’ she snaped.

‘The chief thought it only prudent and I think you have a lot of tidying up here.’ Emma cold feel a turf war coming on and so circumvented it by stating she would return to the station with the man. She scurried across to another car, one she noted that had bullet proof glass. Inside the leather seats looked old, she had a disconcerting thought that they would be wipe clean if the glass failed.

She felt weary, not tired as such but worn out, the injection to ease the pain also seemed to have boosted her fatigue levels but she was hungry again when she should have been sick with adreniline. It was only as the car started moving she realised she’d gotten into the back rather than the passanger seat. There was just the two of them, the car was obviously used for prisioners as it had the cage. Shit she thought, she’d climbed into a cage, her palms went slick with sweat, had she really been that stupid? She’d just climbed into a trap – this was blatently the mole! She was so screwed. She put her hand in her bag and found her gun, gently she eased the safety off. It was something she shouldn’t have according to some poeple and something The Masters said was essential. If she was cuaght with it it would cause problems but she would get away with it, and media would be hushed up. Such thoughts made her pray to any diety that might be listening that she was on the right side.

Her gut always kcked her at such thoughts, all sides think they are the right ones and terrorists are freedom fighters and pirates the booty hunters of other nations. At the end of the day none of it helped the dead come back from the grave or gave the maimed their limbs back.

She tensed as they began to take an unfamiliar route, she would bid her time, and just hope that when the shit hit the fan she would have enough time to react. The panic was starting to rise in her though, every little jolt in the road made her twitchy, she began to worry that she would accidently blow her own knee off at this rate. Her heart was a frantic bird making a bid for escape from the cage when the car pulled up. He turned to her and smiled. ‘Time to get out’ he said as calm as you pleased. Emma almost burst into hysterical laughter at the realisation that they were round the back of the police station.

Godex – Chapter 19

November 26th, 2012

Rob was evidently embarrassed about having passed out, it had ended up in a huge feasco with ambulances and hospitals. He felt numb, he felt icy cold, he needed to find her and he was ignoring the obvious. He couldn’t face that no not yet not ever. Christine was a pain sometimes, when she got started he felt like throttling her but it was because she was sick and he’ realised that before she did. It had been an uphill struggle, she was so shy it was always amazing how she transformed on stage but she did. It was such a shame she’d mucked up the perfromance in the Royal Albert but she was right even he found the cieling mushrooms off putting.

He was home now, Megan and Edwin had headed off at about three. He couldn’t blame them it wasn’t really their problem, not at all. Edwin, he realised was in love with Christine, he didn’t even feel any rage about that and he should, he normally would, he’d suspected, the way the guy always gave them a discount, the way he went out of his way to provide Christine with her pints of froth.

He lay in a half stupor, the Dr had given him a tranquilizer stating that he was over wrought, it was a statement that he associated with Christine. He’d promised Megan that they would all meet for something that evening and then maybe go looking for Christine again, none of them were sure why they were doing it, there was nothing they could achieve but he couldn’t sit there waiting, couldn’t be that helpless, she was out there was would be scared, she would be out of her mind with fear, she was his girlfriend he had to find her. His cheeks we tickling, he absent mindedly went to scratch them and then and was horrified to find his fingers wet with tears.

His nose was running too, he scrubbed at it with his hands and almost swollowed his heart when he thought of how Christine would have responded too it. And then he was sobbing, great big rasping sobs that felts like they were being draged from his chest by sledge hammer blows. His face muscles hurt from the way they contorted, he holwed with sorry. She must be still alive!

He has to believe that but he knew it was delusion why had he said no really why had he he knew how senstive she was over the whole ocd thing, it had been stupid and if he hadn’t mentioned it, if he’d just hugged, if he hadn’t taken her to the Union then she would still be here! It was his god damn fault! All his fualt and what the hell was likfe without her? Really she grounded him as much as he helped her, he couldn’t take the thought of a future with out her, he was cuddling a cushion like a little child, he’d regressed to this sniverling lump whilst she was out there scare and hurt or worse and he had to rescue her, what else could he do but he had no where to start, no point of contact to begin from. She was lost in Londons warren of streets and canals and byways, she was lost and he was on his own and he needed her, needed her sorely needed more than he had ever realiseds and she was gone. He was bitting the fucking thing now as if that gritting of the teeth could ease the pain. What the hell was he to do?

He lay exorsted, his throught was raw and bruised feeling, his just made pathetic little sqeeking noises. Where was she? He lay in a stupor once more a tear shaped pod covered him from reality, he internalised and sank into the depths of surreal dispair. Ghosts of her tuanghted him, he had to rescue her, he always protected her, always helped her, where was she? If only she’d teknen her phone with her then she would have been find able as it would have registered on various things four squares and that type of thing, why had it been left behind, why?

She had her PDA but that was no good unless it was switched on, unless she opened it at thte mimimium and what abusor would allow that? He had no tears leaft his tear ducts were barren and sore and they felt too large like the water tunnel to his insides were made of straw, jabbing and pricking him. He had to find her. It was essential, hew as nothing without her. Obsolutely nothing. he rolled over and groaned horsely.

His phone bleeped, he tred to ignore it but a worm of guilt told him it could be her, from a pay phone or a helpful stranger or the cops delivering the predictable news he could not face. He sigh and rubbed his face on the pillow and then looked at the accursed phone. It was Megan saying they would be there at five to retrieve him. He sat up slowely, blood seemed to fill his head and make it seem to big. He pushed him self up and saw little white stars, over wrought the Dr had said, Rob laughed at that and laughed and laughed and laughed and hysteria hit him like a wave, a sickening crushing wave.

He doubled over and it turned into convulsions, he chucked his guts up. The thought of Christine made him clean it up, he shook whilst doing so and then sighing he went for a shower. The water would not wash away the guilt and the pain and the longing. He dressed still moist. The clean cloths seemed to scratch at him. He put the kettle on to sooth himself, the bell went and he buzzed the others in, he hadn’t been going to, he’d wanted to just curl up but he did need to look for her. He squared his jaw and popped two more mugs on the side – if they were going out looking they were going fortified, he eyed the whisky but decided against it.