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I’ve decided to go for a graphic novel – the main reason being I can make a graphic novel competely by myself were as a film script would have to sit around until either I die and it evaporates in the ethemeralness of all things human, or I convince someone to make it.

Right so this is the second day and what have I achieved so far?

Well I have the title Ocracle and I have some of the basic story from the novel writing. My main character initially is The Archetect and after the fall of the Tower of Babble which was a super computer/back up for the Aquatic Apes civilization which was run by the computer. The Super Computers were probably AI’s and the Archetect was basically the sysadmin. After the Aquatic cities were destroyed by a war of the Nazi Type persuassion the survivors attempted to rebuild at the back up site – Babble – they genetically engineered humans from themselves and the stock of the other homonid inteligent species they had vanquished long ago and kept as slaves.

The Archetect worked with the super computers to build models and simulations to predict events as well as keeping the uploads of the mind implants all citizens and many slaves had. A terrorist faction left over from the war destroys the city and he escapes with two of his experiments Punku and Jesu who are a mix of Aquatic Ape and Human slave but have both had life extention technologies tried on them. The Archetect too has had this done for though the Aquatic Apes/Greys have longer life spans than those of the slaves they are not that long! (about 700 – 1000 years).

During their travels the Archetect attempts to rebuild and or hide bits of the super computer in artifacts around the world. The remnants of the Aquatic Apes both civilian and terrorist build knew civilizations using the human slaves, but as they can no longer breed the cities are populated by the humans. These are the ancient civilizations.

The Archetect gets seperated from the Punk but meets up with some of the genetists he’d worked with. He comes upon the idea of not building a computer using the Optronics (glass and light instead of metal and electrons) with which he is familiar but rather basing it on wetware. A bio computer using DNA to brute force calculations.

However I am still not certain where to start :/

Posted: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 @ 5:06 pm
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