WoPoWriMo Triumph

I am finishing the month with about 40 poems, they will now lurk around until I forgot about them – then once that is done I can start editing them – once I remember they exist 🙂

I have also started to collate the ones already written and there appear to be quiet alot of them :/ The list I wrote is still going to be useful not least for my flash fiction and story starters. And those words that did not get a poem to this time I have listed and intend to try again maybe by brain storming from each of them.

I am umming and ahhing about the title of the collection and indeed how many poems and images it should contain to be honest. Title ideas currently are:

1. Crystal Shards
2. Gothic Muse
3. Worms of Thought

Posted: Sunday, February 24th, 2013 @ 7:44 pm
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