Scripting Like a Deamon

I’ve managed about 10 pages so far but have sorted out the story arch at least.

Beginning; At a well outside of the crumbling remnants of Summer The Archetect and Jesu lament the fact that they have lost a friend. It is about 2000 BC, they begin a journey to some volcanic lands in the North they have heard off in the hope of rebuiding thier optronics computing using volcanic glass. They meet some genetisists they knew in another existance. They are in dispair as they have been trying to set up placenta trees for cloning more of thier race but resources are dwindling and knowledge is disappearing and on top of that natural disastors and terrorist actions keep wiping out their attempts. They hit upon a solution of atempting to build an AI computer to work out the probabilities etc.. of things happening. They combine their efforts and head out towards the volcanic islands.

Middle: They reach the sores of Greece and realise that rebuilding the optronics computing of the past is going to be quiet impossible for many centuries and they need something now. They hit upon the idea of building a bio-computer using DNA to brute force calculations. They build wetware – a flesh bucket full of electrolyte and enzymes and macromolecules. It has to be kept clean of microbes and trained slowely other wise it will go mad. Also a sentient genetically compatable interface has to be found to interact and relay what the Artifical Intelligent flesh bucket of goo is thinking – what it has calculated. So humans become involved.

End: A terrorist group inflitrate the centre but the computer predicts that this is going to happen and has been playing games as it knows it is going to be destroyed. There is descent amoungst the genetisists and The Archetect. There are multiple factions. The AI makes little buds which are copies of itself which it passes on to different people telling each it is the only one, it has picked up the concept of divinity from the minds of the slaves it has been linked too. Seven copies are made – one The Archetect takes, one Jesu takes, one the human slaves take, and the rest are for the geneticists except one is killed. It AI is killed but the terrorist group end up with the remaining ‘offspring’.

Or something like that anyway.

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