A Horror Script Frenzy 2013

Script Frenzy of Screnzy as it is affectionaly known is a script writing challenge. The idea being that in the month of April you write a 100 paged script – this can be anything from a radio play to a movie to a graphic novel. With my Punk novels I found it very helpful to do a graphic novel script for the beginning of the Punk’s life of adventure at the fall of the Tower of Bable – having started the novels off in the middle of the Eleizabethan and near future. For more on her character and why she is at extreme ends of history you will have to read the copious notes on Purple Monster.

I then did a little TV series script at another part of her life in ancient Egypt – think Star Gate, Babalon 5, Farscape, Dr Who, Hero and a whole host of others.

These exercises were very good at helping me to build the back story so I had a more concrete foundation on which to build the novels. The information gleaned from the world building doesn’t nesicarilly appear in the novels but it does help the novels take shape. I plan to do the same here. Obviously I have the advantage that this story is based in a world I have already built but it is an incomplete world and so I prupose to use script frenzy once again as a means of helping me further this story.

I have decided to start at the beginning of the bio-computers existance.

I have not quiet decided what I am going to be doing script wise – I sort of want to do a graphic novel/comic again but feel that perhapse I should have a go at a script of something I have not written before. Hopefully I will have made up my mind before the first on April!

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