New Year Writing To-Dos

From the Horror/Gothic point of view my writing to-dos are quiet simple for this year. First off I need to get the physical book of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry ready and I already have the launch party planned for the Weekend between Halloween and Bonfire Night. The book seems to be a great hit with kids and with the Little Books I donate £1 of profit from each sale to various charities.

From the children’s book point of view though that is not all. I have a series of stories about a daft witch called Hetty Peglar which I want to edit and illustrate – plus more Hetty ideas to write up which I shall be doing as part of Picture Book Writing Week in May – I plan to extent the challenge to working on the books for the whole month. I’m not sure how far I will get with that so may still be working on it in October and November.

Novel wise obviously I want to work on editing Godex and maybe mapping out a sequel – there are other horrifying tale from the Universe of the Punk but I may well do one of my other ideas for GothNoWriMo this year – it is too early to tell.

But I also have a two other stories/novels which need sorting in the vien of dark litrature and a gaggle of 30-60,000 word horror stories I really should sort and get out there as it were. Then there are the Flash Fiction pieces which should be collected together which hopefully I will somehow get time to sort.

Though I do have a lot of poetry I don’t think I quiet have enough dark stuff for a collection specifically based on that to be honest but then I do have two poetry writing challenges I do each year as well WoPoWriMo in Febuary and NaPoWriMo in April. So maybe I’ll dedicate one of them to the task.

I think that is everything – so I’d best get one and start that editing.

Posted: Sunday, January 6th, 2013 @ 7:13 pm
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