Godex – Chapter 22

Emma, felt a bit stupid over her over reaction but then it was part of her training to think like that. Her eyes were starting to feel gritty with tiredness again, she still hadn’t gone through the ‘kitk that the Arcetect had put into her bag. The Super was looking super stressed and he glared at her, it was half hearted. The office was in pandamonium, ‘Gang shoot out on the streets of London – that’s what the headline will read you realise followed by Met unable to to do anything or met ineffectual or worse depending on the paper – now what is going on?’

‘I wish I knew,’ she hissed, ‘I relised I was being staked out sent my code-6 and then all hell broke loss. I don’t even know if I was the target or if I really did stumble into a gang turf war. There’s a corpse with a gun – shot by his own side or that of another gang – thankfully not by us. I’ve taken control of said corpse already before you ask. Now did anything turn up from my busted office?’

She realised she was snarling.

‘They wore gloves, there is hair but it is likily to be yours or Petes or the cleaners or anyone else in the station.’ he shrugged she wanted to hit him.

‘I want a complete sweep,’ she said leaving him no room for argument.

he nodded, ‘were did you send the corpse?’ he asked, she almost answered him correctly.

‘To the corina,’ she said with barely a pause, he nodded again. She had to sit through a proper debreief of events and then sipped luke warm tea in the refectory. She needed some proper sleep. But she also needed to visit the labs and sort out the stupidness over them releasing the results. She was ham stringed though, she couldn’t really risk walking about by herself, she would get herself killed, if she was a normal cop the super would have taken her off of the case and sent her on a holiday but she wasn’t a normal case and there was no one to cover her. She stared vacantly at the cracks in the cheap plastic surface of the table, they crazed in a way that almost made shapes to her, scenes, she sighed and then jumped splilling the tea when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

‘Shit!’ she swore but was releived it wasn’t an assassin only Pete with his sad drooping eyes and the tea fortunatly had not been much more than cold in the first place. It was horrible anyway she only drank becuase the coffee there was worse.

‘Sorry’ he said, ‘I heard someone tried to shot you?’

She nodded wearily and then waited, the man seemed to be waiting to say somethng more but was struggling to express himself. ‘Are you dropping the case?’ he asked quietly.

She shook her head he paled making his skin seem blotchy, ‘I… I think you should.’ he said Emma sat up straight and flicked her plait over her shoulder and glared at him. ‘they are going to kill you you know that don’t you? Look at the resources they must have Emma!’

‘I do not leave things unfinished,’ she said grinding her teeth he took a step back from her, ‘I have to solve this, more is at stake than even I can imagine Pete and even if it wasn’t some of those girls are lickily to still be alive they seem to be hoarding them and then killing at future dates. I can’t just abandone them and unlike most of you there isn’t anyone to replace me.’ She flopped back to hard in the chair jarrng her back slightly.

‘Surely you’re not thinking of going out there on your own again?’ he was timid and she felt bad but not for him, she didn’t really know what to do next. She wanted to sleep and then go to the gym and practice the things she would likely need though the gun had been named the leveller as it didn’t matter how fast you were did it?

‘I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do Pete but rest asure it will be something. Do you have an office?’ she asked suddenly thinking she needed somewehre to go through the stuff the Arcetet had given her. She really needed to let HQ know what had happened anyway and she also no longer had an office space of her own to use. The Super had not volunteered anything and the mood the man was in ment that he would no doubt make the process of her aquaring a new one – as slow as possible.

‘Yes I do but… I share it with two others.’ he looked embarrassed and she wondered why but only vaguely. She could do with a hit of something to keep her going and quelled the thought as that was how you eneded up with a drug habit that would sink you down into the depth of the underworld from which you would not return or if yu did you would not be whole, no never whole again, she had seen it too many times. She’d been a cop for ten years now, and always this special oprative never just a PC plod, never got to see the simple grimes, oh she did the normal training but whist she was already working on cases that would turn the hardest stomach and tackle the sharpest mind. She was good at puzzels especially ones with missing pieces after all that’s what paleaontology and archeaology were She shrugged a room where she only had two people to worry about was better than the hundreds milling about in the vacinity of the general station.

‘It will have to do’ she said standing up. ‘Take me too it please?’ He nodded and they headed out of the room. The soles of her boots squeeked irritatingly on the lino floor. Her rain mac was stained from the door grease of the car as she’d dived into it. It would have to stay that way.

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