X-Files, James Bond and the Laundary

As I think I mentioned before I was planning an X-Files type paranormal investigators come secret agent type series with my dad, it was supposed to be more realistic though with the concept that instead of say MIF and GCHQ (Government Communication Head Quarters) and all the other places people have heard about it would be a secret secret agency that no one had hear of. Probably based in the bowls of the disused tunnels in London of which there really are many.

We thought that it would have some slummy type business over the top, some factory or hard ware shop, just something that fitted in and was ignored by the local area. When I told my husband of this plan he handed me The Artrociety Archive by Charles Stross. I was hooked, it was like reading a story written by soemone with all my knowlege (Archeology, Geology, Astronomy – science and the older side of History), Everything my Dad knows (World War II trivia and war in general – so basically military history), Everything my husband knows, (Computer programming, cryptography, codes and computer hard ware) plus everything his Dad knows (which is the occult, maths and philosophy). I absorbed the book and loved it.


A deep sinking dispair set in, what I had wanted to achieve was sitting there in print before me, written better and with more power than I could ever imagine myself or my father producing. Having just read the other books in the Luandary series I begain to get the urg to render my detective real in the world of fiction once more. As GothNoWriMo closed on me I mentioned this to my husband and said it was in some ways a shame that the Laundary books existed as I felt I could not therefore write mine as it would be seen as a cheap copy and nothing more.

He looked at me and said ‘Sarah don’t worry about that, you’ll start writing it and it will be in your style with your own twist and lets face it you never manage to write horror or fantasy anyway it always ends up as Scifi – you’ll be fine’ He then went on to point out that I’d had the same issue with my writing as a teenager and this was how I discovered one of my all time favourite authors Terry Pratchette – there is only so many times you can take being accussed of plagerising an author you’ve never read or having them suggested by teachers as it is your ‘genre’.

And you know I think he is right, none the less I am not creating in a vacuum things do influence me – every book, image and film but I aim to embrass this and create the new with it. It may not even be new as such, it may just end up as Da Vinci Code Cheese but at the end of the day it will be my Da Vinci Code cheese and that is what matters 🙂

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